UK may be on the verge of a new Mad Cow Disease epidemic, experts warn


Miranda Larbi, Digital Health & Fitness Reporter, The Sun (UK

11 Jul 2019


NEARLY 20 years on from the first outbreak of Mad Cow's Disease, experts have warned that the UK could face a second deadly epidemic.


Scientists believe that the disease can lie dormant in people for up to 50 years - renewing fears of future deaths.


Annie McVey's daughter Claire mum became the youngest recorded victim of the Mad Cow's Disease scandal - passing away just six months after falling ill.


At just 15, Claire had to plan her own funeral after contracting the human variant of Mad Cow's Disease.


Mum Annie says that she wanted to know "who to blame...because I wanted to go round and break their legs".


She's been speaking about her daughter's tragic death on a new hard-hitting documentary due to air tonight on the biggest food scandal to hit the UK.


Annie had the devastating task of helping her teenage daughter arrange her own funeral.


"(Claire) wanted the whole sleeping beauty thing, centre of attention and why shouldn't she?" Annie said.


"She wasn't going to have a wedding, so that was her day.


"It was a glass coffin, lying on rose petals, flowers in her hair, the whole caboodle. It was heartbreaking."


Annie's agony was shared by many families back in the 90s and early 00s...and could be a reality for many others in the near future.


Future cases on the horizon


According to a hard-hitting documentary due to air tonight on BBC2, Britain is on the brink of a new Mad Cow Disease epidemic, experts have warned.


In Mad Cow Disease: The Great British Beef Scandal, Richard Knight, Professor of Neurology at the CJD Surveillance Unit in Edinburgh, warns: "There is still so much uncertainty.


"And one of the things that is uncertain is how many people in the UK are silently infected.


"I have to say we are simply not sure, but every prediction suggests there are going to be further cases."


Disease may be lying dormant ...


No cure for the killer disease ...


More people set to die ...


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