EU weaner market has optimistic outlook


By Simon King, Pig World (UK)

July 10, 2019


EU weaner prices have risen sharply this year, according to new figures.


The 30kg average peaked at 58.85/head in the week ended June 9, which is less than 1 behind the record high from April 2017. EU weaner prices have increased by more than 40% since the start of the year.


Prices typically turn upward in spring; however, the rise this year has been particularly strong. The uplift reflects a similar trend in the finished pig market. Strong demand from China in light of African Swine Fever and a simultaneous tightening of European supplies has provided support to EU pig producers.


Recently, the weaner market has weakened a little. Prices averaged 57.90/head in the week ended June 30. Nonetheless, an optimistic outlook for finished pig prices this year will mean finisher confidence remains high. In the latest week, prices were still 14/head higher than last year.


Over the past three weeks, prices in key member states have moved as follows:


Denmark: +2.57 to 60.68/head;

Germany: -0.10 to 68.50/head;

Netherlands: -1.50 to 51.75/head;

Poland: -1.89 to 50.18/head;

Spain -2.44 to 57.93/head; and

United Kingdom +1.47 to 58.05/head.


AHDB analyst Bethan Wilkins said:


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