Vegans storm pig farm they claim keeps hundreds of animals in filthy pens


Kate Buck, Metro (UK)

8 Jul 2019


A farmer has slammed a group of vegans for trespassing onto his land to hold a sit-in protest.


Around 80 campaigners from animal rights group ‘Meat The Victims’ stormed Moss Rose Piggeries after claiming to have carried out a three-month long investigation.


They say the pigs were forced to live in unsanitary conditions and on wet tiled flooring which caused a clear slipping hazard.


The activists also claimed a number of animals were injured and had untreated proplapses.


Farmer Wayne Baguley said the farm had been thoroughly inspected by the relevant authorities and that he had nothing to hide.


He said: ‘Meat The Victims came this morning. I asked them to leave politely. They said they weren’t leaving and I’d have to phone the police, and that’s what I did.


‘They said the pigs were not kept in a good state and tried to encourage me into a confrontation, but I rose above it.


‘It’s their right to protest if they want to do that, but I don’t think they should have the right to trespass on anybody’s property.’


Mr Baguley, from Blackpool, said the farm had been inspected three times by the DEFRA, Red Tractor and the companies they supply to since the investigation.


He said:


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