PigTrace tag price going up


by Alexis Stockford, Manitoba Co-operator

via GFM/Canadian Cattlemen - July 8, 2019


Hog producers will have to pay more for traceability in the near future.


Canada’s PigTrace program will be raising ear tag prices as of Aug. 1.


Prices will go up 20 cents for every small ear tag and 35 cents for every large ear tag, a release from the Manitoba Pork Council said.


The Manitoba Pork Council is urging producers to buy into the program, despite the increased cost. Both the provincial and national pork councils cite PigTrace is Canada’s effort to prepare for African swine fever and limit impact if the deadly disease is found in Canada.


The program will be critical for zoning, both the Manitoba council and Canadian Pork Council say.


Canada has renewed or updated zoning understandings with both the U.S. and European Union in recent months as fear of African swine fever grows.


The virus has yet to spread to North America, although Reuters recently reported outbreaks in China may have claimed up to half that country’s hogs, flying in the face of the much lower official estimates...


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