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·         The U.S. Crop Progress Report Has Just 8% of Corn Silking

·         U.S. Corn and Soybean Crop Conditions Continue the Struggle

·         China soybean imports impacted by ASF spread



The U.S. Crop Progress Report Has Just 8% of Corn Silking

That is behind the averages, for this week, by double-digits.


By Mike McGinnis, Successful Farming - 7/8/2019


DES MOINES, Iowa --  The U.S. corn crop improved on its good/excellent rating vs. a week ago, but many states are way behind on the sinking stage level, according to the USDA’s weekly Crop Progress Report released Monday.




The overall condition of the corn crop is slightly above last week with 57% rated good to excellent in the top 18 corn producing states.


Corn rated good/excellent jumped up by only one percentage point vs. a week ago. The trade expected an improvement in conditions from last week.


USDA pegged just 8% of the corn crop was in the silk stage, compared with a 22% five-year average. At least eight major corn-producing states have 10% of less of their corn silking.


Also, 90% of the U.S. corn has emerged as of Sunday.




The nation’s crop is rated 53% good/excellent, a 1% drop from last week...


more, including crop condition maps [2]



U.S. Corn and Soybean Crop Conditions Continue the Struggle


By Andy Eubank, Hoosier Ag Today

Jul 8, 2019


Weekly corn and soybean condition updates from USDA will continue to be watched very closely this summer, and this week’s report doesn’t have any magical improvement in the struggling Indiana crops. Greg Matli, State Statistician, USDA NASS, Indiana Field Office says that warmer and drier weather last week allowed farmers to complete some much-needed fieldwork, but scattered storms throughout the week kept soil moisture levels high.


The crops haven’t gotten a good start or ideal growing conditions, and the Indiana corn crop is now rated at just 38% good to excellent, a one percent dip. Soybeans are steady at 37% good to excellent. Corn planting increased to 98% last week and soybeans planted increased five points to 93 percent.


The national corn condition score is 57% good to excellent compared to 75% this time last year. Soybean condition this week at 53% is also 18 points behind last year’s 71% good to excellent. The new condition numbers represent just a one percent improvement in the corn and soybean crops in the ground.


NASS says the average temperature for the week was 79.0 degrees Fahrenheit, 5.2 degrees above normal for Indiana. The amount of rainfall varied from none to 2.63 inches over the week. The statewide average precipitation was 1.12 inches. There were 4.9 days suitable for fieldwork for the week ending July 7...


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China soybean imports impacted by ASF spread


By John Perkins, Brownfield

July 9, 2019


The continued spread of African Swine Fever is having an impact on China’s soybean and soybean meal imports.


The USDA’s Foreign Ag Service says soybean imports during the 2017/18 marketing year 94.095 million tons, but are expected to fall below 90 million this and next marketing year, 84 million for 2018/19 and 83 million for 2019/20, because of ASF, with soybean meal imports and use also declining as feed demand drops.


Updated official projections from the USDA are out Thursday...