ASF Hurting North Korea Pork Production; Philippines Stopping More Imports


By: Todd Ingstad, NewsDakota

July 8, 2019


Reports say North Korea is bracing for a major drop in production due to an African Swine Fever outbreak spreading across the Asian continent.


Officials in the Philippines say they’ve added two more countries to the list of nations not allowed to send them pork.


South Korea’s News Agency reports that North Korea’s pork industry “foresees sizable production decreases in the months ahead, as well as other nations in eastern and southern Asia.”


North Korea had its first outbreak less than two months ago.


The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations issued it’s latest update, saying that the situation poses a “serious threat to the livelihood and food security of large numbers of people relying on the production and processing of pigs.”


Vietnam recently culled 2.8 million hogs because of ASF, which computes to about 10 percent of the country’s total hog population.


Elsewhere, the United Nations says Philippine officials...