Manitoba Beef Producers welcome new provincial grazing program on Crown lands


By Sam Thompson, Global News (Canada) 

July 8, 2019


Manitoba cattle farmers are over the ‘mooooon’ about an announcement by the province allowing cattle to temporarily graze on some provincial Crown land.


The Agricultural Crown Lands Leasing Program will allow cattle producers to use certain Crown land that isn’t normally accessible.


The announcement was welcomed by the Manitoba Beef Producers (MBP) organization.


“The dry conditions of the past couple of years have created challenging conditions for beef producers in terms of the amount of grazing days available on their pastures and the volume and quality of hay they have been able to harvest,” said MBP President Tom Teichroeb.


“We had identified these concerns to the Manitoba government on behalf of our producers. This announcement will provide an important option for producers who require additional feed options and we thank the government for making this available.”


Teichroeb said the province is also...