First African swine fever case of 2019 registered in Latvia


Baltic News Network (BNN)

July 8, 2019


This year’s first African swine fever (ASF) infection for domestic pigs has been registered in Latvia. The illness was uncovered in an enclosure in Durbe Parish, Vecpils County. A total of 49 pigs have been terminated to halt the spread of the disease, as reported by Food and Veterinary Service (FVS).


The affected farm has been put under quarantine – a protection zone in a three kilometre radius and an observation zone in a ten kilometre radius around it. All other enclosures in this area will be put under intense supervision for compliance with bio-security measures. Transportation of pigs and pork to and from this area will be put under increased control as well.


FVS reminds farmers who have pigs in the monitoring zone that it is prohibited to carry pigs between farms, as well as carry pigs and pork from the protection zone.


FVS has commenced epidemiological investigation to determine how the virus got in the enclosure.


FVS urges farmers to be responsible and keep in mind – to protect domestic pigs from ASF, it is necessary to strictly follow bio-security measures: