Fair Oaks case a stark reminder for livestock industry


By Mark Dorenkamp, Brownfield

July 3, 2019


A veterinarian with Merck Animal Health says the recent incident involving animal abuse at Fair Oaks Farms is a reminder that the livestock industry is being constantly evaluated.


Dr. Angela Baysinger, Merck’s animal welfare lead, tells Brownfield consumers are demanding more information about how animals are raised.


“And because our consumer, the people who buy our meat products, are so far removed from what happens on the farm on a daily basis, they want to know more.”


She says a big part of her role is being a conduit between producers and consumers.


“Helping bring the stories and bring the message of the care that producers have for their animals.”


Officials investigating the Fair Oaks animal abuse case are determining if employees were encouraged to mistreat animals by an undercover animal rights worker...


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