EU pig prices: prices remain stable this week

The European pigs-mature-for-slaughter market continues unchanged but the majority of German market participants found themselves disappointed by missing price increases.


The Pig Site

5 July 2019


According to ISN, in most EU member countries, there are reports of an overall balanced market situation. With temperatures reaching new heights this week, the daily growth in pig fattening has decreased. This means that the slaughter weights tended to be lower for many market participants. In Austria, for example, the slaughter weights have remained below 97 kg for the first time since August 2018.


All in all, demand seems to match the low quantities of live pigs on offer because consumer appetite has not increased. In the typical South European holiday countries, the need is still high nonetheless because of the vast numbers of holidaymakers. Despite the hot temperatures, the French are hoping for demand impulses because of the beginning of the new month.


According to recent reports, Europe’s export business towards China continues to be steady, remaining on the level achieved last week. Additional impulse is expected in autumn.


Increasing exports of raw ham are reported on from Spain. Over the past four years, an increase of 45 percent has been recorded. With regard to sales, France, Germany, and Portugal are the most important markets...


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