Doud, McKinney: the West Wing has farmers’ backs in negotiations


By Julie Harker, Brownfield

June 11, 2019


Lost markets, low commodity prices and concerns about long term trading partnerships were the focus of a House Agriculture subcommittee hearing Tuesday morning.


Chairman Jim Costa (D-California) asked the U.S. Trade Representative’s (USTR) Chief Agricultural Negotiator and the USDA’s Trade Undersecretary about whether the White House has farmers backs.


“Do you feel that our agriculture interests are being well represented as these negotiations are taking place in the West Wing,” asked Costa.


“Absolutely,” answered Ambassador Gregg Doud. “There is absolutely no question about it.”


“And I think we can see this with many tweets, we can see this in his statements, with his actions,” added Ted McKinney, USDA Under Secretary for Trade...


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