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·         ‘Contaminated meat’ seized at Kalibo Airport

·         Canned pork products seized in Iligan



‘Contaminated meat’ seized at Kalibo Airport


By Jun Aguirre, Panay News (Philippines)

June 11, 2019


KALIBO, Aklan – Around 13 kilos of alleged contaminated meat products from China and South Korea were intercepted on Sunday by Kalibo International Airport’s (KIA) Quarantine Section.


Dr. Christine Lyn Melgarejo, veterinarian officer III of the Bureau of Animal Industry, said they seized 11 kilos of meat products from a South Korean passenger and another 2 kilos from a Chinese national. The products were from countries where there is an outbreak of the African swine flu.


“Since last year, we received a memorandum from the central office to confiscate meat products that are suspected to be contaminated coming from different countries at the KIA,” said Melgarejo.


She added passengers placed these meat products inside a luggage.


“We wonder why they were still able to enter the airport,” Melgarejo stressed.


Last Thursday, around 100 kilos of pork products were confiscated from passengers arriving at the KIA.


“We fume these contaminated meats before we place it in our storage facility. After some time we burn it,” Melgarejo explained...





Canned pork products seized in Iligan


By Masiding Noor Yahya, The Manila Times (Philippines)

June 11, 2019


ILIGAN CITY: The city veterinarian’s office here and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in Northern Mindanao on Friday seized canned pork products from China in big malls and stores here in compliance with the government ban on all pork-based products from countries affected by African swine fever (ASF).


City veterinarian Dahlia Valera, said they seized the products because the because the stores did not heed the FDA order banning the sale of pork products from ASF-affected countries.


Hong Kong-based Veterinary epidemiologist Dirk Pfeiffer told foreign media ASF is the biggest animal disease outbreak. It does not affect humans but has no cure. It has spread through Asia “like wildfire”...