Iowa farm sues bull sperm seller in Texas, alleging monopoly, threats


By Thomas Friestad, Tribune News Service

via Agri News (MN) - June 6, 2019


CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — A Benton County dairy farm says a Texas-based company that sells sex-sorted bull semen has hampered its ability to grow its own genetics business.


GenoSource, which owns an 8,000-cattle herd in Blairstown, filed a complaint in May against Inguran LLC, which does business as Sexing Technologies, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Iowa.


Sexing Technologies processes raw bull ejaculate into sex-sorted semen, which it sells to farmers in plastic straws for artificial insemination, letting them control calf gender with high accuracy.


The filing is the latest in a legal skirmish between GenoSource and Sexing Technologies dating back to October, when in an initial complaint the farm accused the company of refusing to relinquish 40 Holstein bulls, cows and heifers after the parties failed to negotiate a long-term written agreement.


GenoSource says Sexing Technologies slaughtered some animals and sold semen and embryos from others without its consent, wrongfully asserting rights to those genetic materials through September 2023 in the process.


GenoSource’s May 23 complaint lists 10 counts...