Rock Township farmer plans feedlot expansion


By Kyle Kuphal, Pipestone County Star (MN)

June 05, 2019


Darrell Fikse plans to replace an existing total confinement barn with a larger confinement barn in the northwest quarter of Section 26 of Rock Township.


The existing feedlot consists of 400 beef feeders. The new barn will house 400 beef finishers and 200 beef feeders.


“What I’m doing is taking off an old barn that’s 50-by-96 [feet],” Fikse said. “We’re going to take that down and then we’re going to replace it with a shed that’s going to be 100 feet wide and 112 feet long.”


Fikse said he and his father built the old barn in 1980. It had been used as a hay shed and was converted to a cattle shed, he said.


“It’s served its time,” Fikse said. “That’s the reason for what we’re doing now.”


No one attended the public meeting held to take comments on Fikse’s plans during the May 28 Pipestone County Commissioner meeting.


The public meetings are required, but the county commissioners have no authority over the approval of feedlots if setback requirements are met. If that’s the case, the approval is automatic, and the permit for the site is issued within 10 business days of the public meeting.


“The only thing that we need yet from the feedlot rule perspective is...