Flooding Leads to Cattle Rescues Around the Country


Wyatt Bechtel, Bovine Veterinarian

June 5, 2019


High water in a number of states has forced cattle producers to take desperate measures to care and in some cases rescue livestock. Reports of flooding from South Dakota to Louisiana the past week on pasture land have shown the extent of damage that cattle raisers are dealing with during a near-record moisture year for many parts of the country.


Here is a breakdown of news stories from flooded areas during the end of May and start of June that show the lengths to which ranchers and farmers are going to care for cattle. 


Oklahoma Cowboys Rescue Stranded Cattle


In northeast Oklahoma, a group of cowboys have offered up their services to help save cattle that have been surrounded by floodwaters.


“We just refuse to sit back and watch these livestock drown because I mean, all of us own cattle,” says Cory Conley.


Cattle are being hauled out of the water with horses and boats in an effort to get cattle to higher ground.


A prison farm near Taft was forced to move cattle out of flooded pasture using a tractor and hay acreage appears to be wiped out by water.


“I’ve been at Jess Dunn for 20 years and have never even [seen] anything close to this,” says Terry Fry, with the Department of Corrections Agri-Services Division.


In some cases cattle haven’t been able to be rescued. Rancher Larry Washom says the flooding is worse than what he endured in 1986 because he has lost cattle. He estimates that 28 cattle worth about $30,000 were killed by the flood.


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