Western Canada could be world leader in processed plant protein, says group

From additives to fake meat, adding value to crops could bring the dough, according to trade group


CBC News (Canada)

Jun 04, 2019


With files from Colleen Underwood


On the same day China announced it would drastically increase inspections on Canadian meat, another group of food producers was gathered in Calgary to celebrate an increased interest in their industry.


According to the industry-led group Protein Industries Canada, Western Canada is in a good position to meet a growing global demand for plant-based proteins.


CEO Bill Greule says those proteins include peas, lentils, canola and hemp, which means Canada could be a world leader in the industry.


If processed correctly, he says, they can be used as meat and dairy replacements, in pet food, and as additives to convenience foods.


"We know if we get this right we can easily add $19- to $20-billion dollars to the agriculture economy by increasing value-added processing in Western Canada,"  said Greule.


Burgers and beyond ...