Feedlot boot camp cultivates career opportunities



via The Fence Post - June 4, 2019


MANHATTAN, Kan. – Kansas ranks third in the nation for cattle on feed with 2.33 million head. The Kansas cattle feeding industry is a growing and expanding sector that is hungry for trained professionals.


Kansas State University’s Animal Sciences and Industry department students now have the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and professional relationships in feedlot management as part of the new program entitled the “Kansas State University Undergraduate Feedlot Boot Camp and Teaching Program,” made possible through sponsorships by Midwest PMS, Zoetis, Rabo AgriFinance, Phibro Animal Health, several Kansas feedlot operations, and K-State’s ASI department. Pete Anderson, Midwest PMS, with the assistance of Karol Fike and Larry Corah, developed this program with the intent to help meet the critical need for trained professionals in the feedlot industry.


Twenty students enrolled in the spring 2019 course returned early from winter break in order to attend the boot camp, hosted Jan. 14-17 in and around Garden City, Kan. Participating feedlots included Reeve Cattle Co. Inc., Garden City; Finney County Feedyard, Garden City; and Poky Feeders, Scott City. While on site, students gained insight to receiving and processing cattle, finding and treating sick cattle, cattle handling and comfort, facility design and evaluation, feed mill operations and software, commodity storage and handling, bunk reading, feed calling, and maintenance, as well as other factors contributing to the success of a cattle feeding operation.