Top 50 Grocers: Amazon Falls Below Aldi While Independent Grocers Show Strength


By Jim Dudlicek, Progressive Grocer



Whoís in the best position to eventually wind up on top of the grocery store food chain?


While everybodyís watching Amazon, hard-discounter Aldi just edged out the Seattle e-tailerís Whole Foods Market on Progressive Grocerís Super 50 annual ranking of top grocers.


Remember Amazon? It premiered on the Super 50 a year ago, when the industry was all a tremble with its acquisition of Whole Foods. Rather than sounding the death knell for traditional players, it was a kick in the pants for grocers to jump-start or accelerate investments in technology, shopper insights and omnichannel selling.


Top-of-the-heapers Walmart, Kroger and Albertsons all poured resources into things like online shopping services, home delivery, autonomous vehicles, sophisticated shopping apps and strategic partnerships to enhance their appeal to consumers. Meanwhile, Amazon is reportedly looking into more brick-and-mortar stores.


And amid all of the investment and high-profile activity by deep-pocketed market giants, independent grocers are putting on a show of strength through strategic investment and an ongoing commitment to customer service and the communities in which their shoppers live.


On this yearís Super 50, several regional and independent operators rose through the ranks, with merger and acquisition activity creating some elbow room in the ranking.




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