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·         New type of welfarist protest: Occupying pig houses

·         Police end pig farm occupation, dozens of activists arrested



New type of welfarist protest: Occupying pig houses


Vincent ter Beek, Pig Progress 

May 14, 2019 


In what appears to be the next step in animal rights activism, a group of over 100 animal welfarists entered a sow breeding farm in the Netherlands and kept the facility occupied for over 10 hours.


Just after noon on Monday, May 13, a group of about 200 animal welfarists trespassed on a farm near Boxtel, the Netherlands, and over a 100 of them forced entrance into the pig houses. The protest action, called ‘Meat the victims’, consisted of animal rights activists from allegedly 26 countries. The participants yelled “There is no excuse for animal abuse” and wore shirts stating “One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws” – a phrase from Martin Luther King.


While sharing pictures and footage from inside the pig houses, the group demanded 2 things – that media would come inside the farm themselves to report on what the group considers abuse; and that they could take home the unhealthy animals for further treatment.


Without meeting these demands, the local authorities ended the occupation late in the evening. All protesters voluntarily leaving the premises and who could identify themselves were free to go. Nevertheless, the police arrested 76 activists.


New step in animal rights activism


The animal rights move appears to be a new step in animal rights activism. Until so far, welfarist action concentrated around regular media appearances like radio, television and social media, asking attention for pigs in ‘factory farms’. In addition, occasional break-ins have been happening from time to time to make videos and expose these online.


‘Meat the Victims’ has been active in various places and farms prior to this action in the Netherlands. Earlier farms that were the victim of a similar type of visit were located in the Spain, the UK, Australia and Canada – the first one being in 2018.


Negotiation with animal rights protesters ...


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Police end pig farm occupation, dozens of activists arrested (Netherlands)

May 14, 2019


Dozens of animal rights activists have been arrested for occupying a pig farm in Brabant province and refusing to leave, police confirmed on Tuesday.


Police moved in to clear the campaigners around 10pm after consultations between the council, public prosecution department and police. A number of farmers had also converged on the site, and police were keen to stop the situation escalating, the Volkskrant reported. Several farmers had reportedly flipped over activists’ cars.


‘The mayor of Boxtel considers it irresponsible that people force their way into people’s property and occupy their company,’ the town council said on Twitter.


Around 100 international campaigners from the Meat the Victims collective had moved onto the property on Monday morning. Some sat inside the pig barn while others chanted slogans such as ‘there is no excuse for animal abuse’ outside.


The group say they picked the farm at random, describing it as a symbol for everything that is wrong with the livestock industry.


‘Animals have rights,’ one activist, an American woman who lives in the Netherlands, told the Volkskrant. ‘We would never treat dogs or cats like this, but we think it is okay for pigs to never see daylight.’


Irresponsible ...