Activists fight to ban fur today, ban burgers tomorrow

An attack against one animal usage industry is an attack against them all. As the fur industry fights for its right to operate, every livestock, pet or animal lover needs to join in the fight, as well.


Amanda Radke, Opinion, BEEF Magazine

May 14, 2019


Animal rights extremists have long been a thorn in the side of livestock producers and pet owners alike.


Wolves in sheep’s clothing, these groups often claim to love, protect and save animals.


In reality, these zealot organizations use emotions to pull on well-intentioned donors’ heartstrings, all while using funds they raise for more sinister tasks.


It is well documented that groups like PETA, HSUS and others spend much of their time terrorizing farmers, lobbying to take away personal and private property rights for Americans and regulating producers out of business while increasing the cost of groceries.


From circuses to farms to rodeos and pet shops, these anti-animal groups aren’t fighting for better care and treatment of animals; they are fighting for animal rights, placing equality or even greater value on animals compared to people.


Most recently in places like California and New York, these animal rights groups have been busy working to ban fur.


In a recent press release, the nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom (CFC) has vowed to take on these radical organizations and their actions against the fur industry


On March 13, CFC filed a complaint with the IRS and FBI regarding alleging abuses of the tax code and/or criminal activity by PETA, Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), and Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation.


According to a CFC press release, “These radical organizations have been actively lobbying for local and statewide bans on the sale of fur in California. The statewide ban, Assembly Bill 44, has already passed two committees.”


The complaint alleges a pattern of criminal activity and abuse of non-profit status, says CFC.


The organization lists the following grievances against these animal rights groups:


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