Quebec cattle producers take issue with advertising of Beyond Meat burger

Federation says they shouldn't be allowed to call their product 'plant-based meat'


CBC News (Canada)

May 14, 2019


The Quebec Cattle Producers Federation has launched a complaint with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, saying that the American veggie burger company Beyond Meat has no right to advertise their product as "plant-based meat."


The product has been advertised heavily in Canada since it rolled out at A&W and popped up in local grocery stores like IGA and Rachelle-Béry.


Kirk Jackson, a cattle producer in Saint-Anicet and the vice-president of the Quebec Cattle Producers Federation, told CBC Montreal's Daybreak that he doesn't take issue with the existence of alternative protein options, but that the term meat is "reserved" for animal products.


"We have to uphold all the rules," he said. "We just want a fair, level playing field."


Jackson said the CFIA already defines meat as "carcass derived from an animal" and that it doesn't apply to vegan products.


"Do not use the term 'meat' because it already has its own definition," he said. "We just want to make sure that the consumer doesn't get confused in this."


He said he's concerned about seeing plant-based meat type products cropping up as filler in actual meat burgers or other patties...