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·         McDonald’s is winning the burger wars, for now

·         McDonald's Are Giving Out Free Veggie Wraps For App Users & This Is How To Get Yours

·         McDonald's is launching fish & chips across Canada on May 14



McDonald’s is winning the burger wars, for now

The company’s same-store sales have bested all of its competitors in recent years, but traffic growth remains elusive, says RB’s The Bottom Line.


By Jonathan Maze, Opinion, Restaurant Business

May. 13, 2019


McDonald’s is apparently winning the burger wars.


For all of the big burger giant’s challenges—complaints from its franchisees, encroaching competition and persistent declines in customer count—it is succeeding where it counts: sales growth.


Since the first quarter of 2017, it has reported average same-store sales growth of 3.2%. That is 310 basis points higher than the average of the other six publicly traded, limited-service burger chains, according to a Restaurant Business analysis.


That outperformance continued in the first quarter of the year, when McDonald’s same-store sales rose 4.5%.


Among all publicly traded, limited-service chains only Domino’s, Wingstop, Taco Bell and Chipotle performed better.


And McDonald’s 4.5% same-store sales growth is especially significant considering the chain’s average unit volumes, which last year exceeded $2.7 million, according to Technomic Ignite data.


That means that a typical McDonald’s restaurant is on pace to add $123,000 in additional revenue this year.


By contrast, Burger King’s 0.4% same-store sales growth means it is on pace to average $5,000 per location, while a typical Wendy’s is on pace to add $21,000 in revenue with its 1.3% first-quarter growth, based on the chains’ respective unit volumes...


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McDonald's Are Giving Out Free Veggie Wraps For App Users & This Is How To Get Yours


By Alice Broster, Bustle

May 14, 2019


One of the best parts of the working day is going out to grab yourself a treat at lunch time. It breaks up the day, gives you something to look forward to, and gets you through the afternoon. And, let’s be honest, the best kind of treat at lunch time is a free lunch. But how often does that happen? To coincide with National Vegetarian Week McDonald's are giving out free veggie wraps to app users and this spicy veggie snack is not a lunch time freebie that you want to miss. You have no excuse not to treat yourself to lunch out of the office this week and it isn’t like your bank balance will suffer.


Spicing up your lunch time literally couldn’t be easier than going and claiming your free veggie wrap using the McDonald's app. The snack, which usually costs £3.49 on the McDonald's menu, is filled with delicious goujons made out of tomato, red pepper, yellow split peas, sundried tomato pesto, olive oil, Arborio rice, and tomato paste. Alongside the goujons there is salad and spicy relish all in a tortilla wrap. It sounds like the things that lunch time dreams are made out of...





McDonald's is launching fish & chips across Canada on May 14


Hanna McLean, Daily Hive/Dished

May 13, 2019


A new fish and chips dish is coming to town, and it’s brought to us by McDonald’s Canada.


The fast-food chain is adding this exciting new menu item to its ever-expanding selection of burgers, fries, and breakfast food starting May 14.


McDonald’s Fish & Chips was first tested in Atlantic Canada last summer, and after a successful run, it’s being rolled out across the country for a limited time.


The Atlantic haddock in the dish was harvested off the shores of Nova Scotia, and is sustainable, ethically-sourced, and certified by the Marine Stewardship Council too.


In addition to two pieces of crunchy, golden fish, diners can look forward to a side of McDonald’s signature fries and tartar dipping sauce...