Militant vegans who crashed restaurants with horrific animal cruelty videos stormed a McDonald's and left a DEAD PIG on the counter


    Protesters who crashed restaurants were also involved in a separate incident

    They took a dead piglet inside a McDonald's and placed it on the counter in 2018

    The piglet was covered in pink, yellow and baby's-breath flowers on a white cloth


By Brittany Chain and Laura Withers For Daily Mail Australia

12 May 2019


A gang of militant vegans who ruined restaurant-goers' nights out by crashing their meals with animal cruelty videos previously held a sick McDonald's protest.


Around 22 animal rights activists from the group Direct Action Everywhere took to the streets of Leederville, a suburb of Perth, on Saturday evening and confronted diners with disturbing animal cruelty footage and placards.


And the group have form for twisted demonstrations - including a protest that saw them march into a McDonald's and place the body of a dead pig on the counter.


In September 2018, members of the group, including leader James Warden, were accused of stealing a dead piglet from a piggery in Western Australia and delivering it to the McDonald's.


He shared a photo of himself with black tape across his mouth, holding the dead piglet on a white cloth-covered basket.


The piglet was covered in pink, yellow and baby's-breath flowers and placed on the counter while horrified customers looked on.


Warden, from group Direct Action Everywhere, fronted Mandurah Magistrates Court in April charged with three counts of trespassing, and two counts each of stealing and aggravated burglary.


He pleaded guilty to the trespassing charges but denied stealing the dead piglet or a $1,500 calf.


The same group of activists were among the 22 who confronted diners on Saturday night. 


While some of the group stood silently with signs about animal slaughter other activists began preaching at groups of people enjoying dinner.


'Male calves are slaughtered as young as six weeks old simply because they don't produce milk,' one female activist said.


'Chicks are blended alive in a macerator or gassed to death simply because they don't produce eggs.


'Animals don't want better lives they want freedom. We have a choice the animals don't,' she concluded.


The group, who were also armed with televisions, were led by Warden, who said the group planned to use the televisions to screen the film Dominion...


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