Minister hints at issues getting beef support package over the line in EU


Ciaran Moran, Independent (Ireland)

May 9 2019


The Minister for Agriculture, Michael Creed has said that less of an understanding in the EU of the immediate issues facing beef farmers.


Responding to questions in the Dail this week, Mr Creed said he said that in some interpretations Brexit hasn't happened yet so there for the consequences couldn't be felt.


"There is less of an understanding of the immediate issues we are facing as Brexit has not happened yet. The reality is different. We are prosecuting that case with the commission officials," he said.


Minister Creed highlighted that the emphasis up to now has been focused on the impact of Brexit and if the UK crash out of the EU


"Fortunately that has been avoided to date and that deadline has been moved down the road substantially".


However, he said because there is a difficult market at the moment the Government has made the case to the Commission that there is a need for an interim support package not related to Brexit at all.


"Partly relating to market sentiment arising from Brexit, but also sterling differentials, the high costs associated with last years weather and perhaps static consumption at a time of an increased beef kill," he explained.


He also highlighted that the Governments view is shared by some other member states as well.


"I am engaged with the Commission and await its response," he said...