EU pig prices: markets calm and developing positively

The European pig market remains stable this week and prices maintain levels achieved in previous weeks.


The Pig Site

10 May 2019


The quotations continuing unchanged came about on the back of shorter weeks of slaughter because of public holidays which made the market situation remain balanced throughout Europe. Unvarying quotations were reported from Germany, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Austria. The Danish quotation, which had gone up slightly the week before, was able to stabilise on the level achieved. The British quotation was able to continue last week’s positive trend, now recording another price increase. With a public holiday forthcoming in France on 8 May, another short week of slaughter is expected there.


Presently, the Austrian meat business and trade are taking efforts to pass on the pre-Easter purchase prices to food retailing. Similar notions are reported from other countries as well. From everywhere in Europe, including France, it now seems to be expected that the German leading quotation is setting a positive sign for the rest of the European market. At the same time, US president Trump’s expression of positive developments between the US and China are being noted by the market participants with a lot of interest.


With quotations having remained generally steady, the price structure of the five EU member countries most significant in pig keeping can be maintained as before. Spain is still leading the list with its corrected 1.80 euros’ quotation, while the Danish quotation is continuing with its corrected 1.58 euros’ level.


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