Lanark barn fire kills nearly 70 hogs


By Brittany Karlin, 23 WIFR (IL)

May 08, 2019


LANARK, Ill. (WIFR) - Dozens of hogs were killed after a fire destroys a barn in Lanark Tuesday morning.


"We don't know at this point whether we are going to rebuild or what we are going to do, said B and P Farmers Owner Brian Raab.


Raab lost about 70 hogs Tuesday morning in a barn fire on meadow creek road in Lanark.


"We weren't home and a neighbor called that he saw the smoke and by the time I got home, I was only seven miles away and the building was falling in, Raab said.


Raab's main job is raising crops but he also rents this building for nearly 50 thousand dollars a year to people who raise hogs.


"We've lost that income now because there is no building left," Raab said.


But Raab is staying positive. At the time of the fire, there were around 70 hogs inside the barn but sometimes it can hold up to fifteen hundred hogs.


"The people that had the pigs said luckily they had taken most of the pigs out over the past few weeks, Raab said.


"We needed lots of water being in a rural area. So we didn't have the water source so we called in all the departments in the county plus some neighboring counties," said Lanark Fire Department Captain, Corey Barnes.


Fire crews say they did all they could to save the livestock that was inside.


"They were so scared they weren't cooperating. They wouldn't come to the door, I know they tried opening some gates and stuff and they just wouldn't come out and we couldn't risk sending people in with the roof already collapsed in," Barnes said...


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