Proposed $20M CAFO stirs up debate in northern Wisconsin


Danielle Kaeding, WI Public Radio

via Wisconsin State Farmer - May 7, 2019


An Iowa outfit is planning to build a $20 million large-scale farm for more than 26,000 hogs in northern Wisconsin.


The concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) would be located in the town of Trade Lake in Burnett County near a state wildlife area and tributary of the St. Croix River.


Iowa-based Suidae Health and Production, a veterinary clinic that consults on production, is working with Thorp farmer Jeffrey Sauer to manage the proposed farm owned and operated by Cumberland, LLC.


"Weíre seeing depletion in our dairy economy, and itís sad to see the story of that," Sauer said. "We feel that we need to introduce and bring something into the community in different areas because itís a benefit to the community in general. It might not be a benefit to everybody in the community, but itís beneficial when thereís more activity."


Sauer anticipates the farm would employ around 20 people from the surrounding area at around $32,000 to $45,000 a year.


A preliminary application with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources was filed March 15.


Cumberland, LLC would begin operations with 3,750 sows, 9,390 pigs and 50 boars. The farm would then possibly double that amount within the first five years, said Sauer.


The operation would become the largest hog farm permitted to date in northern Wisconsin.


The state hasnít received any correspondence on a similar proposal by Iowa-based Reicks View Farms in more than two years. Sauer also worked with Reicks View Farms to sign leases with farmers as part of its proposed Badgerwood farm in the town of Eileen several miles from the Chequamegon Bay of Lake Superior.


Sauer said they chose Burnett County after surveying communities with large disparities in grain prices that may benefit from an operation that could utilize crops for feed...


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