Feed mill noise complaints continue, but not all nearby residents are riled


Kelsey Richardson, Gainesville Times (GA)

May 7, 2019


The humming noise at Pilgrim’s Pride Feed Mill continues to ignite a steady flow of complaints into Gainesville’s code enforcement division.


Sarah Wilson-Britt, manager of code enforcement, said the sound comes from the feed mill’s air cooling system. The first reports about the humming started around March 12.


To correct the noise violation, the feed mill’s staff ordered mufflers to dampen the sound of the new cooling system. The mufflers were installed April 27.


Despite the noise reduction, people residing close to the feed mill — located at 979 Bradford St. Extension — still hear the humming.


“Even after the mufflers, the volume isn’t reducted that much,” said Jim O’Dell, who lives three miles from the plant. “Before the mufflers, I was literally sleeping wearing NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) earmuffs.”


O’Dell said he reached out in March on Nextdoor, a private social network for neighborhoods, to see if other people noticed the sound. He quickly found out that many others, including Kristin Cash, were experiencing the same issue.


“It’s annoying to have to live in a city that’s supposed to feel like a small town, but sounds like downtown Atlanta,” Cash said.


Kathy Amos lives about two miles from the plant, and finds the noise “very annoying.”


“It’s one of those things that once you hear it, you can’t not hear it,” Amos said.


But Anthony Fury, who has lived near the plant for six or seven years, doesn't understand what the fuss is about...