Montana Legislature: Bill wrap-up includes COOL, economic development programs


Source: Farm Bureau

via Tri-State Livestock News - April 12, 2019


The focus in Helena is turning away from committee hearings on new bills to amending, fine tuning and passing what legislation remains in volley. Farm Bureau didn't testify on any new pieces of legislation this week; rather we focused on monitoring bills still at play and doing what we can to get them the rest of the way through the process.


Legislation doesn't automatically become law just because it passes through both chambers. Once through the House and Senate, it faces one final hurdle and lands on Governor Bullock's desk. The Governor has several options; he may sign the bill into law, issue a veto, issue an amendatory veto, or if the Governor takes no action for ten days, bills automatically become law whether they're signed or not.


SJ 16, Resolution urging federal country of origin labeling


Sponsored by Senator Al Olszewski, (R) SD 6, Kalispell


SJ 16 is a resolution urging Montana's congressional delegation to again pursue a federal country of origin labeling rule for beef and pork products. Montana Farm Bureau member policy supports Country of Origin Labeling rules that are WTO compliant and aren't detrimental to livestock producers in the U.S.


In order to have effective COOL rules for beef and pork, we need federal collaboration and partnership to make sure these rules are implemented as efficiently and effectively as possible. SJ 16 encourages our members of Congress to work with USDA to establish and implement an industry led, WTO compliant COOL rule for U.S. beef and pork. SJ 16 passed the House of Representatives on April 8 with 63 Representatives voting yes and 34 voting no...