Retired NASA employee works to bring back ‘extinct’ cattle breed


By Sarah Fearing, Southside Daily (VA)

April 13, 2019


It’s been 10 years since Gene Bowen, a retired NASA employee, first set his sights on trying to restore a nearly-lost bloodline of Dexter cattle.


When the last documented red Dexter cow — a small, stout breed of cattle tracing back to Ireland — died nearly a decade ago, Bowen decided he would not let that rare, ginger-colored cow be the last of its kind in the United States.


Instead, Bowen, 78, hopes to make his farm in Dinwiddie County, Paradise Farm, the center of the American red Dexter restoration project.


And on March 8, a “jackpot” bull calf was born — named Titian of Paradise.


Titian does not have the coveted red coloring, but carries the gene for it, opening up the possibility for him to one day father a red calf.


When he is too old to continue breeding the animals and running his farm, Bowen will pass the torch to Tracey Leftwich, a deputy with the Williamsburg-James City County Sheriff’s Office and farm owner in New Kent.


“It’s just huge for the Legacy Dexter world,” said Leftwich, who already owns and breeds a different type of Dexter cattle.


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