2019 National Beef Advocacy Team gets to work

Collegiate advocates travel the country to promote the beef industry and learn from industry leaders.


Amanda Radke, BEEF Magazine

Apr 14, 2019


As lab meats and plant-based proteins enter the marketplace, promoting traditional beef with our consumers is more important now than ever before.


Our great-tasting and beloved product can stand the competition; however, itís always a good idea to remind our customers why beef is the perfect protein choice for everything from busy weeknight meals to big milestone celebrations.


Our industry is in good hands with the 2019 National Beef Advocacy Team. Similar to the National Beef Ambassador Program which I was part of in 2007, these collegiate advocates are on a mission to share their passion for beef across the country.


Announced in January during the 2019 Cattle Industry Convention, the NBA team has three members: Ryan Beany, a junior animal science student at the University of Florida; Tyler Schuster, a junior ag services and development student at Tarleton State University; and Valeriana Urricelqui, a senior agriculture science and education student at California State University, Chico.


The team is overseen by Sierra Jepsen, who serves in the role of program coordinator. Jepson was on the 2014 National Beef Ambassador team and currently works at the University of Wyoming as an assistant lecturer, meat judging coach and program coordinator for the Cowboy Branded Meats program.


So far in 2019, the team has been busy traveling across the country promoting beef and learning from industry leaders.


In March, the team kicked things off with a Western Beef Industry Tour. Staring...


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