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·         April blizzard wreaks havoc in Great Plains

·         Nebraska rancher says effects of blizzards will linger for weeks



April blizzard wreaks havoc in Great Plains


Walt & Alex Breitinger, Paragon Investments

via The Oklahoman - April 14, 2019


A massive storm brought snow to much of the Great Plains, dropping up to 2 feet of snow in some places. The storm shut down airports and roads, but the worst damage could come from more flooding in areas still recovering from last month's floods.


For farmers, the unusually intense April storm is creating additional headaches.


For ranchers, bad weather prevents them from bringing cattle to market, and cold temperatures cause the animals to eat more and gain weight more slowly, hurting profitability.


Meanwhile, winter wheat farmers fear damage to the emerging crop that lay dormant since last fall, and farmers hoping to plant corn and soybeans in the coming weeks will see their planting schedules delayed by flooded fields.


Despite these concerns, U.S. agricultural prices were relatively quiet this week, with May corn futures trading Friday near $3.60 and May soybeans at $8.96 per bushel, while April live cattle fetched $1.26 per pound, all near recent lows.


Perhaps more important than weather is the ongoing saga of the trade war with China; a deal continues to be promised, but there has been no resolution thus far.


Gasoline revs to new high ...





Nebraska rancher says effects of blizzards will linger for weeks


By Ken Anderson, Brownfield 

April 12, 2019


A northwest Nebraska rancher says this week’s blizzard was a tough one, but not as bad as predicted and not nearly as big as the one they experienced in mid-March.


Shauna Meyring, who lives north of Alliance, says they had six to eight inches of snow this week with winds of 30 to 50 miles per hour. While it wasn’t as bad as some expected, Meyring says it was still tough on cattle.


“The toughest part of this storm was the fact that we already had some sick and stressed calves from the last storm, and they were still fighting some of the bugs and things from the last storm.” Meyring says...


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