Man busted for threatening to shoot rancher, cows


By Johnathan Hogan, Post Register (ID)

via Intermountain Farm & Ranch - Apr 12, 2019


RIGBY — A Jefferson County man who reportedly threatened to shoot a rancher attempting to recover escaped cattle was arrested Sunday.


According to a Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office report, Andrew Clark, 28, first threatened to shoot the cows, then pointed a gun at the rancher.


“Get these (expletive) cows out of here or I’ll start flinging led,” Clark yelled, according to the victim. “You have 10 (expletive) minutes to get these (expletive) cows off my (expletive) property or they will be full of holes!”


The rancher said Clark then threatened to shoot him and pointed the gun in his direction.


The victim told deputies the cows had escaped the ranch before 10 p.m. and were found on East 150 North. The victim said the cows were actually on Clark’s neighbor’s property.


The rancher called the sheriff’s office after herding the cattle back. In a written statement, Clark said he saw the cattle while pulling into his driveway and called the ranch to retrieve them. He admitted to yelling at the ranchers and threatening to shoot the cows but did not state whether he pointed the gun at one of them. Clark wrote that he had planned to file a report on property damage caused by the cows.


The gun was...