Intra-EU pork trade steady in 2018


By Simon King, Pig World (UK)

April 10, 2019


Intra-EU pig meat trade (exclusing offal) in 2018 declined only marginally (-0.5%) on 2017 levels. The trade flows in 2018 totalled around 7.4 million tonnes, based on reported export data.


Germany remains the largest exporter within the EU, commanding a 22% market share in 2018. However, German exports have slipped back slightly, down 5% compared to 2017. Similarly, Spain and the Netherlands have both recorded a decrease in exports to other EU nations.


Meanwhile, Denmark, Poland and Belgium have all increased exports within the EU. Other notable increases come from smaller EU nations, such as Hungary (+19%) and Slovakia (+22%). A number of smaller nations have increased exports within the EU in 2018, tempering the decline in overall trade.


AHDB analyst Tom Forshaw said: “Fresh pork is by far the most traded product within the EU bloc, accounting for around 66% of total pig meat exports (excl. offal). Behind that is frozen pork (12% of total trade)and sausages (10% of total trade)...