Vegan Activist Earthling Ed to Teach Animal Rights Class at Harvard University


by Roxanne Libatique, Vegan News†



Vegan activist and YouTuber Ed Winters, also known as Earthling Ed, was invited to teach an animal rights class at Harvard University.


Ed took to social media to announce that he was invited by professors at Harvard University to teach about animal rights as a guest lecturer.


He also revealed that he will be speaking at other universities, including Brown, Cornell, Columbia, Yale, and Rutgers.


ďIím beyond honoured to say that Iím currently in the USA as I was invited by professors at Harvard University to teach a class entitled Ďanimals as commoditiesí as a guest lecturer,Ē Ed wrote on social media.


ďIím excited to be here and Iím hugely looking forward to spreading the vegan message at college campuses on the East Coast.Ē


Ed recently delivered a TEDx Talk, now available on YouTube, where he discussed animal rights and the vegan lifestyle and encouraged the public to go vegan for the animals.


He also filmed his second TEDx Talk this year at University of Bath, where he debunked main arguments against veganism.


Speaking about his newest TEDx Talk, he said in a statement:


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