NFU Urges President Against 'Disastrous' Closing of the Southern Border


The Cattle Site

09 April 2019


US - Amidst escalating rhetoric and threats from President Donald Trump to close the US-Mexico border, National Farmers Union (NFU) last week insisted the President avoid such a "disastrous" decision, which would effectively cripple trade with US agriculture’s top trading partner.


NFU President Roger Johnson released a statement in response to the President’s remarks, saying: "Without regard for the American family farmer, rural resident or consumer, President Trump is yet again risking essential trade markets and our country’s once-pristine trading reputation. Shutting down the US-Mexico border would be disastrous for trade with our top agricultural trading partner, and the effects would be consistent with the numerous other trade disruptions the President has self-inflicted on our country: lost markets and lower prices for products grown and raised by family farmers and ranchers.


"For two years, President Trump has dug American agriculture into a deep hole. We’ve lost markets that took decades to build, and worse yet, we’ve lost our reputation as a reliable trading partner...