Now THAT'S McValue! Friends score a free McDonald's burger by tricking the self-serve computer using a little-known hack


    The friends select 10 hamburgers and then remove beef patties from them

    This takes $1.10 taken off of each, leaving the whole order with a $0 balance

    The screen says 'no payment required' and a receipt with their order prints out 


By Alana Mazzoni For Daily Mail Australia

via Daily Mail UK - 7 April 2019


A little-known hack that allows McDonald's customers to eat for free has been revealed.


Two friends demonstrated the trick on a self-serve screen in a video posted to Reddit on Sunday - and it was put to the test by Daily Mail Australia on Monday.


By ordering 10 patty-less $1 burgers, customers can score a regular $1 hamburger for a grand total of $0.


Removing the meat from the 10 burgers discounts each meal by $1.10 - providing the customers with a surplus that covers the cost of the additional regular burger.


After requesting to check out, the computer confirms there is 'no payment required' and prints out a receipt and order number. 


Reddit users were left divided over whether the hack was an ingenious way of eating for free, or a complete waste of food.


'May I suggest if you go to Maccas and order a hamburger with nothing in it, you're a bit of a tosser,' one user wrote.


'At the end of the day though, you only wanted the real cheeseburger. That's a lot of effort to save $1,' another user pointed out.


Other social media users warned against trying out the self-service hack in full view of security cameras...