Pig farmer says rally has been a roller coaster


By Mark Dorenkamp, Brownfield

April 5, 2019


A southern Minnesota pork producer says she’s been hanging on for the ride during the recent hog market rally.


Wanda Patsche of Martin County tells Brownfield it’s been a roller coaster since their last sale a few weeks ago.


“Right before the rally, of course. That’s how it is with farming. So right now it’s an up market (and) I’m happy about that.”


She attributes the run-up to the African swine fever outbreak in China.


Patsche says there’s a temptation to hold out for even higher prices because many believe the outbreak will worsen.


“We’ve had many discussions on that, whether we need to lock some prices in here, and we may yet. But again, we don’t know how high this is going.”


Patsche is very concerned about African swine fever entering the U.S...


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