Trailer fire causes I-44 traffic snarl

Trucker was carrying load of corned beef


KMOX Radio St. Louis

April 06, 2019


EUREKA, Mo. (KMOX) - "No injuries, just a lot of well-done corned beef."


That's what Eureka Fire Department spokesman Scott Barthelmass said about the tractor trailer fire that had lanes of eastbound Interstate 44 tied up near Antire Road from after six Saturday morning until nearly five in the afternoon.


Barhelmass says callers reported the brakes of the unit carrying a load of corned beef ignited first, then the whole trailer went up in flames.


He said it was a challenge to fight, "We're out there fighting it with just the water in our tanks, because there are no hydrants out there. That adds to the challenge. Then you have to overhaul the trailer and make sure the fire's completely out."




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