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·         Beyond Meat Is On A Mission To Make Plant-Based Meat The Affordable Choice

·         Vegan Beyond Meat Sausages Just Launched in Canada



Beyond Meat Is On A Mission To Make Plant-Based Meat The Affordable Choice


Janet Forgrieve, Contributor, Forbes 

Mar 14, 2019


Beyond Meat founder Ethan Brown missed his brand’s first Natural Products Expo West show in 2010 because he was busy mixing up product in a rental kitchen far from Anaheim, Calif.


“The product was a big hit at the show, after we brought it out by truck from Missouri,” Brown said.


The plant-based meat business has expanded dramatically in the nine years since that first show, and Beyond Meat has become a leading brand with a growing product line and plans to go public.


Fifty-five percent of the biggest U.S. restaurant chains now offer at least one plant-based entrée, according to a recent report from the Good Food Institute, and for many that dish takes the form of a vegan burger from brands like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods.  Beyond Meat’s products are now sold in about 35,000 restaurants and grocery stores in more than 20 countries.


Brown made it to Expo West this year, in time to introduce the brand’s newest product, a ground-meat style version of its plant-based beef. The product has been the goal since the company launched its first offerings, a lineup that includes vegan chicken strips and a the beefy plant-based Beyond Burger.


“We focus maniacally on understanding meat and rebuilding it from plants, so consumers will be able to have more rather than less of their red meat dishes,” Brown said.


The launch last week of Beyond Beef is the result of years of research and development into sourcing new types of plant-based protein and turning it into a product designed to provide even the most avid meat lovers with the flavor and texture they expect from ground beef, Brown said...


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Vegan Beyond Meat Sausages Just Launched in Canada


Charlotte Pointing, Live Kindly

Mar 14, 2019


Beyond Sausages by vegan meat brand Beyond Meat have launched in Choices Markets across British Columbia.


Choices Markets — which specializes in natural and organic foods — announced the launch on its website, revealing that the “world’s first plant-based sausage that looks, sizzles, and satisfies like pork” is now available at its deli counters.


Available in three different varieties, the Brat Original, the Hot Italian, and the Sweet Italian, the vegan Beyond Sausage has even received the seal of approval from a pork expert. In September last year, the vice president of the U.S. National Pork Board admitted that the flavor was “close” to the real deal.


Choices Markets is also stocking the Beyond Burger; similar to the Beyond Sausage, the patty supposedly looks, cooks, and tastes just like its meat counterpart.


Whilst this is the first time the Beyond Sausage has hit Canadian shelves, A&W — a Canadian fast-food chain — offers the Beyond Burger, and recently began serving a Beyond Sausage breakfast patty.


The new burger is a hit with consumers, boosting A&W’s sales by 10 percent in its fourth quarter in 2018.


“innovation is the biggest driver of our business,” CEO Susan Senegal said last year. “Suddenly, people are attracted by one or the other of the changes and that all adds up to more guests in our restaurants.”


She continued...


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