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·         Brazil eyes re-opening US market for beef

·         Brazil, U.S. to discuss meat, sugar, ethanol trade -farm minister



Brazil eyes re-opening US market for beef


By Ashley Williams, GlobalMeatNews



Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA) has revealed it will travel to the US to discuss re-opening the market for Brazilian beef.


Brazil’s agriculture minister Tereza Cristina will travel to the US next week, along with the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, to discuss a number of issues regarding trade and exports.


The US has been hesitant to engage in meat trade with Brazil following recent turbulence in the country’s industry, including the rotten meat scandal​ and widespread corruption.


However, Cristina said that Brazil had fulfilled all the demands made by the US regarding the quality of Brazilian products and was ready to start exports to the country.


The minister added that it would also be willing to invite US officials to conduct a mission to Brazil to ensure it certified compliance with the requirements.


As well as re-opening the beef market, Cristina will also be discussing the possibility of opening the market for pork exports...





Brazil, U.S. to discuss meat, sugar, ethanol trade -farm minister


By José Roberto Gomes, Reuters

March 12, 2019


SAO PAULO, March 12 (Reuters) - Brazilian Agriculture Minister Tereza Cristina Dias said on Tuesday that she will discuss U.S.-Brazil trade in meat, sugar and ethanol in talks next week between officials of the two countries.


Dias, who will travel with President Jair Bolsonaro to the United States, said one of her priorities is to reopen the U.S. market for Brazil’s fresh beef exports, which were suspended almost two years ago over safety concerns.


“The expectation is good. We are preparing documentation and will see if we can reopen this market ... so that all of Brazil’s meat-packers can resume exports to the U.S.,” Dias told reporters at a food industry event in São Paulo.


The minister, whose meeting schedule has not been disclosed, declined to say what Brazil was prepared to give in return for a reopening the beef market.


Dias said she hoped U.S. officials would show “good will” after Brazil had met every demand and request for information from the Americans regarding its fresh beef exports.


The U.S. halted imports of fresh Brazilian beef in June 2017 after a high percentage of shipments failed to pass safety checks.


Brazil, the world’s largest beef exporter with about 1.6 million tonnes sold in 2018, has been trying ever since to resume fresh beef sales to the United States.


Aside from talks on fresh beef, the minister said she would like to discuss wider access to the U.S. market for Brazilian sugar, and Brazil’s own restrictions to U.S. ethanol imports.


Washington has not yet confirmed whether it will agree to discuss both themes, Dias said...