Boxed Beef Cutout Continues to Move Higher- Ed Czerwien Reports


Oklahoma Farm Report

11 Mar 2019


The Choice cutout continues to climb higher as we get close to the big part of the grilling season rally but sales volume has started to drop which is also normal when prices jump quite a bit higher.


From Amarillo, here's the weekly boxed beef cutout review with Ed Czerwien of CZ Cattle Market Analytics.


audio [5:04 min.]



Winter weather continues to limit market volume

Will the winter weather ever give? It seems like spring might be around the corner, but in the meantime, storms continue to limit auction volume.


Ed Czerwien, BEEF Magazine 

Mar 11, 2019


Extreme winter weather contiued to hold cattle home. Feeder cattle numbers at the test auctions dropped quite a bit because of storms, especially on Monday when there are typically big sales. Prices were either side of steady.


Those storms also pushed cow numbers down. Cow prices were steady to $4 higher with the biggest jump in dairy areas, which evened out the spread between the regions.


audio report [3:33 min.]