Anti meat protestors rally outside Clemens


By Don Reid, The Daily Reporter 

Mar 12, 2019


COLDWATER — A dozen protesters held a “Peaceful Vigil for Pigs” near Clemens Food Groups pork processing plant in Coldwater Monday morning.


Members from the Farmed Animal Save groups from around the state held signs objecting to what they claim is “a life of cruel treatment and a premature death” for the more than 10,000 pigs that are turned into pork products at the Newton Road facility.


Maria Leonardi, of Detroit-Windsor Farm Animal Save, said the groups try to document the condition of the animals heading to the slaughterhouse.


“We also bear witness, extend love, and compassion to the animals just before slaughter,” said Leonardi.


Leonardi said the groups are “abolitionist.”


“Our goal is to see animal agriculture abolish completely,” she said.


The vegan groups said it is important to “show people who their food is and where their food comes from. Documentation of these conditions are crucial to creating awareness and creating community change.”


The group became active against Clemens after a former employee reported over 100 pigs died, during the Polar Vortex in February, while being transported to the plant on trucks.


Kalamazoo Animal Liberation, and Animal Save from Grand Rapids and Lansing, and Detroit-Windsor Animal Save sent members who stood near Jonesville and Fiske Roads; near the animal entrance to the Clemens Plant.


At the time of the Feb. 1 incident...


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