Pizza-Flavored Chicken Nuggets Now Exist. Act Accordingly.


By James Chrisman, Thrillist



There is a time for foie gras and Champagne and pretending to like snails, but that time is not now. Now is the time to indulge in a shamelessly juvenile mashup of two universally beloved flavors, inexplicably combined. Now is the time for pizza chicken nuggets.


This extremely real product comes from Tyson and was announced back on February 8, the day before National Pizza Day. You can currently pick them up at participating Meijer and HEB grocery stores, but Delish reports that they'll soon be available nationwide.


They're made with real mozzarella and use Parmesan breading and a pepperoni seasoning. So these are technically pepperoni pizza-flavored chicken wings. Not just pizza-flavored chicken wings.


Ill be honest. When I first heard the idea of a Pizza Nugget, I was skeptical...