Senate Bill 392 clarifies labeling of cell-cultured meat products


By Caitlin Williams, KSWO (OK)

March 8, 2019


LAWTON, OK (TNN) - State legislators are working on a bill to protect consumers from misleading labels on their food products. It’s called Senate Bill 392 and it says food manufacturers cannot use the term “beef" unless it comes from a cow.


But it encompasses more than just beef, it goes for pork, poultry, and other livestock. The technology to grow meat in a laboratory came about in 2013. Advocates claimed it would consume fewer natural resources, prevent slaughter, and remove the need for growth hormones. When it hits the shelves the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association wants to make sure it is labeled to reflect that.


“We learned from the dairy industry because we say products like soy and almond milk, but they were hitchhiking off the good name milk," said Michael Kelsey, Executive Director for the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association. "We want to prohibit that from happening.”


Kelsey explains its more of a consumer information bill setting guidelines for what the product can be named.


“In our case, it just can’t be called beef unless it comes from a four-legged critter that chews its cud and speaks moo," he said. "That is beef, we want to make sure consumers are protected in that sense.”


Jeremy Kinder is a rancher running a cow-calf and stocker operation near Faxon. He says the passing of Senate Bill 392 will reinforce what his family and crew work so hard to protect day in and day out, beef.


“These men and women dedicate their lives to these animals to put them in the food chain and have them be called beef and nothing more," Kinder said...


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