Augmented reality will change the way we see agriculture


By Rhiannon Branch, Brownfield 

March 7, 2019


Some tasks on the farm will become easier with augmented reality technology, which an AGCO representative describes as layering a digital data set on top the real world.


“Being able to see inside a piece of equipment and get a 3-D animation of how that equipment works as you are standing in the barn.”


Lance Brown tells Brownfield one use for the technology is to see the plan for a new livestock or grain facility right where it will be built instead of simply on a blueprint.


“In the future they will be able to walk that facility on their farm, where we can put it next to their existing grain bins and they’ll be able to walk through that potential new expansion on their site to make sure it is exactly what they want.”


Augmented reality could also give a farmer or technician a 3-D animated sequence for machinery repairs. Brown says...


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