Pendleton County show cattle shot, killed


by Brad Underwood, WKRC Cincinnati

via News 4 San Antonio - March 5th 2019


BUTLER, Ky. (WKRC) - Show cattle belonging to a 13-year-old girl lay dead on her farm after being shot on Monday.


Olivia Cline says her grandfather noticed the cow and heifer while working on the 60-acre farm and says the two went to check them out and discovered both had been shot, once each.


“We found the bullet casing right along the road. We assume the other casing is still in the gun,” said Olivia.


The Kentucky State Police are investigating and did collect the bullets from inside the cows and the casing on the road.


"It's disgusting,” said Olivia. “Especially when it's your child's animal that she purchased with her own money.”


Olivia says her stepdaughter bought the cattle, raised them, trained and showed them.


“We went to a district show, a preview show, our county fair and state fair,” said Kyleigh Cline.


The cows are more just farm animals to Kyleigh. They’re members of the family in her eyes.


“I was very upset, but then once I calmed down, I was very mad because they were my family. They were everything to me, and it was very disappointing to hear that,” said Kyleigh.


The cattle would have been showed again this year and the heifer eventually bred to provide cattle for future shows.


“This is a big loss to her. This was supposed to be cattle she raised for future show projects, and now we've lost those bloodlines and she's out cows. She has nothing to produce animals for next year,” said Olivia...


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