Leftovers: Tom Brady hopes to score with pea protein; Unicorns bring magic to pudding cups

Will the six-time Super Bowl winner's plant-based powder be the MVP? And how to express your love through GMOs this Valentine's Day.


Lillianna Byington, Column, FoodDive

Feb. 8, 2019


Will this pea protein be a touchdown?


Tom Brady might have just won the Super Bowl, but it's his new plant-based protein that needs to win over consumers.


The New England Patriots' quarterback's TB12 brand just launched vegan, plant-based protein powders made from peas that comes in vanilla and chocolate flavors, according to a press release emailed to Food Dive. Each bag includes 30 servings and sells for $40 on the company's website.


"Peas pack a powerful protein punch — they are rich in lysine (an essential amino acid that is a key to muscle recovery) and arginine (a semi-essential amino acid that promotes healing and blood flow)," the company said in an email.


Pea proteins have been gaining popularity in the past few years, showing up more often recently in baked goods. But the big market for pea protein is currently in sports supplements, smoothies and protein bars, and Brady's star power could help attract those athletic consumers...


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