Robots help Sedano’s Supermarket gather your groceries fast


By Lisa J. Huriash, South Florida Sun Sentinel of Fort Lauderdale

via Bellingham Herald (WA) - February 10, 2019




The robotic system is on a roll, summoning a plastic bin stocked with your Cheerios. Next, the string beans you asked for go on the assembly line.


The machine tells a worker how much of each item he needs to bag.


This new system at Sedano's Supermarket fills online orders lightning fast — 60 items in five minutes or less. And that speediness is Sedano's strategy to cater to rushed customers who don't have the time — or desire — to walk the aisles themselves.


Sedano's is among a growing number of supermarket chains using new technology to make shopping even more convenient while also competing with e-commerce titan Experts say the super-competitive nature of supermarkets means grocers have to find new ways to provide groceries as fast and cheaply as possible.


"It's a symphony of chaos," Javier Herran, Sedano's chief marketing officer, says of how efficiently the machines run. "Rather than a person fill your order and go to a shelf, this machine brings the shelf to you."


Nearly half of the Sedano's supermarkets in South Florida have benefited so far from the behind-the-scenes robotics, which are warehoused in a private, 11,000-square-foot area of a Sedano's at 14655 SW 56th St. in Miami.