Russia begins exporting poultry to China


By Vladislav Vorotnikov, GlobalMeatNews



More than 20 Russian poultry companies have registered to begin poultry exports to China, following the cancellation of a ten-year moratorium on shipments.


According to Lyubov Burdienko, commercial director of the Russian consulting agency EMEAT, 23 Russian poultry businesses are to export to China.


“A week ago, the General Administration of Customs of China published on the official website a list of Russian poultry farms that were granted with the right to supply [poultry] products to China,”​ Burdienko said. “The list of 23 companies includes such manufacturers as Cherkizovo, Miratorg, Prioskolye, Damate, Krasnobor and others. The first deliveries will begin two or three months after manufacturers conclude contracts with Chinese distributors.”​


Some forecasts said that Russia may nearly triple its poultry exports in the coming few years thanks to the Chinese market.


From January to December of 2018, Russian poultry companies exported 114,300 tonnes (t) of poultry, 24.8% up as compared to the same period of the previous year, Russian Federal Customs Service estimated.


Over the past few years Russian government officials have been repeatedly expressing hopes that China could become one of the main sales markets for the Russian meat, including pork and poultry.


“Theoretically, basing on production capacity and balance on the domestic demand, Russia may annually export to China up to 150,000t of chicken feet, paws and wingtips, along with 50,000-100,000t of other chicken cuts, such as drumsticks, wing drummettes, whole wings and even some turkey meat,”​ said Albert Davleyev, President of the Russian consulting agency Agrifood Strategies...